Lillipop Spa Body Health Products


A friend passed this cream on for my 10 month old son who has suffered chronic eczema from the age of 3 months.

His skin has been so bad at times that I have had to bandage his knees to stop him from scratching, which makes them bleed. However, I have used this cream twice over the weekend and his eczema was GONE in the morning! What a great find this body balm is- thankyou! Please inform of time taken for postage as I want to be regularly using this cream as of yesterday!!

My son was born with bad patches of skin on his arms chest and back

my mother passed on your body balm to me and I have been putting on my son after his bath/shower. It has improved greatly. My daughter has also taken to sucking her thumb and the slobber was leaving a rash under her bottom lip.... not anymore!

Very grateful